Monday, August 1, 2011

"I don't know nothing except change will come/ Year after year what we do is undone/ Time keeps on movin' from a crawl to a run"

I just went back and read my old post about Ahmic and Needle Point. We leave for our annual trip to Ahmic Lake in Ontario, Canada in just a few days. I have to admit, I cried going back and reading those old memories. My writing is meager, but the words reminded me of days past. I am thrilled to bring my daughter to the magical world of Canada and show her the camp I grew up in. Yet, it is bittersweet. No longer does Granddaddy put up signal flags and share my sour patch kids, and Granny's Folly (her boat) looks out of place without Granny in it. Nor will her sweet strawberry jam grace the table at breakfast. They are in all my memories of Needle Point, and my heart hurts that they will not be in Charlotte's. I know we will make new, cherished memories. Still, my grandparents are so much the magic of Needle Point. I worry that the stars won't twinkle as bright and the lake will not seem as enchantingly green without them there.

I am excited though; over a week with all my family! Yes, there is a plane ride involved and then a five hour drive. But if we can make it through the journey, we will be greeted by white birch trees, chill your bones water, and a boat ride that makes you feel you have traveled back in time. There are no TVs, computers, and little cell phone service; hence little connection with the real world. I'm glad. I love my phone and my computer, but it is always refreshing to go to Ahmic and realize I can do without; to spend my time walking on moss covered ground and playing card games instead of checking Facebook. And the pictures! I'm sure I will take a million.


I continue to craft away though it is mostly for Charlotte's birthday. I can't believe it will be here in ONE month!!! I have made a few more hair accessories


And another dress.


My dresses always look pretty wonky because I have yet to use a pattern. I just start sewing, but I am determined to make her a proper dress using a pattern some time soon.


I try to craft while she is doing this:


But often she is rolling around the floor beside me, and dare I say it, I've even sewn a few stitches while she was in my lap!

My crafting area shows signs of all the work and is littered with glitter/beads/fabric/string and who knows what else.


I'm trying to organize my fabrics, but it's a large task considering I've been hoarding fabrics since college. I get it from my mom. We have a bit of an obsession with silver, fabric, and china. They sing to us, and we fall under their spell.


This little guy has become my best friend...


And my worse enemy. You would not believe how many burns I have acquired on my hands. I wouldn't be surprised if I no longer have finger prints!


We received fresh figs from some friends, and they were beyond delicious. I attempted my first batch of fig preserves which turned out decent, but I will definitely be tweaking it.


Charlotte enjoyed them as well.




POP goes the weasel!



Charlotte is off eye patching. This is the last one, and the picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.


Big Charlotte is watching!

I am happy to see both those blues looking at me all day, but heavy hearted as well. Her lack of patching means surgery is next. It will not be the most major surgery my little trooper has gone through by any means. Yet, a mother is torn to see her child in pain. I am trying my best to "count it all joy" and look to Christ for strength. But it is a difficult thing. Sometimes I want to say, “Enough, my plate is full.” And I always wish it was me instead. I am trying to trust Christ, to remember all He has done for me and that His plans may seem hard but they are "to prosper [our family] and not to harm [us], plans to give [us] hope and a future".



TwoMinis said...

Hey Esther! The hair bows are the cutest! Charlotte is so beautiful. So happy to have the opportunity to peek into your life.

LB said...

I know I say it every time you post, but Charlotte is so beautiful. She is just precious. I love when you post pictures!!! Have fun on your trip--I always love hearing about your time there.

Christina May Andrews said...

Love this post Esther! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time :)

Timsha Coleman said...

I agree with LB Charlotte is just gorgeous and the sweetest baby I know. Just being around her for short periods at church you can tell she has the sweetest little spirit. I love looking at the pictures, especially the eye patches they are so funny. If I don't see you before you leave for Canada, have lots of fun!

Henry said...

Ess, again, another great post. While the beauty and joy of Ahmic will be diminished by the absence of Granny and Grandaddy, I believe there will be new beauties and joys created by the presence of Charlotte and Lia. And as a tribute to our grandparents and their generosity, humor and wisdom, let us do our best to carry on the traditions they started (to the best we can). Let us make preserves and put up the flags; let us toll the meal bell; let us make sure cocktails and hor'devours are served BY five!

While their physical presence will be missed beyond words can say, let us never stop cherishing their memory in hopes that Lia and Charlotte grow to love this place as much as we do.

See you soon,

laura.murphree said...

How do you do those cute bows? I would love to make one for Kylie. Charlotte is just beautiful!

Dana said...

I'm so sorry to hear that surgery is needed after all. That is hard to hear knowing all that the 3 of you have been through.

So many emotions with Canada right now! I think the truth is... the stars won't twinkle as bright and the lake won't seem the same for most of us for a long time. I like Henry's idea of keeping up as many traditions as possible. The girls will have many fond memories of times with their own grandparents (and of course, lots of extended family, too). To me, the fire brings it home even more... that Ahmic will never be the same again. It will be great, and the girls will love it. And although it won't seem so to them, it will be different for us. But it will always be the most beautiful place on Earth, and the company will always be excellent! Also, LOVE the picture of Charlotte sleeping! So peaceful! You must not have told her about Thursday yet! :)

DAD said...

Esther, when I read your blog I laugh, I cry, I smile, and I have heartache and joy. Love you all much, DAD

Susan B. said...

Beautiful baby Charlotte! Thank you for sharing your lives with us. It's special! Charlotte is so very blessed! Love to you all!