Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"I'm coming home/ made up my mind that's what I'm going to do/ Can't love nobody on the telephone/ I'm coming home to you"

Please don’t make me get in another vehicle for at least a month!!! I love to travel but I have to say that Ben and I are worn out. Christmas always brings lots of to and fro. But now that it’s January I’m ready for our cars and behinds to have a break. Just this past week I was in Huntsville three days in a row and then we went to my home town for the weekend, then Monday I was back in Huntsville!!! And to top it off I have a cold which is draining me of what little energy I had. God tells us to take a day of rest however; I’m tempted to take 10 in a row.

I say traveling to Huntsville three days in a row wore me out but honestly, when we first moved to Scottsboro, I thought I’d be there all the time. I assumed I’d still head to Publix for my groceries instead of facing my arch enemy Wal-Mart. Plus there is the wonderful world of Costco and my favorite nurseries: the Greenery and Bennett’s, all in Huntsville. How can I neglect the library? Though the Huntsville Library is not my favorite because of its dark 70s interior, it is stilled filled with a wealth of books. The first time I went to Scottsboro’s library I cried on the way home. It was so miniscule I really couldn’t believe it. Maybe this was a big deal to me because as a child the library was a favorite outing. Covington’s library was a world of magic, learning, and discovery with many books and sweet librarians always willing to help us. Ever since I have had a fondness for libraries which has only grown with time.

Yet I still don’t make it to Huntsville very often. I guess I’ve learned to conqueror monstrous Wal-Mart, though I still hate every minute of it. And I find the produce stands here in Scottsboro quite suffice. I’ve even enjoyed finding new little local shops. My favorite haunts include: Unique Treasures with its great selection of affordable antiques, Wimberley House for its wealth of cute d├ęcor, Unclaimed Baggage because, well…it’s Unclaimed Baggage, Goody Too Shoes with all their wonderful clothes, and a few others. And I can’t leave out Hammer’s. Some people might not believe me when I say I sometimes enjoy shopping in Scottsboro!

I can’t say I’m country and I worried that I wouldn’t fit-in in Scottsboro. But I’ve met the most fabulous people in our community. Our church is a big part of why we moved to Scottsboro in the first place. I can’t praise Riverside Community Church enough. Ben and I have found a home there and are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful group of believers. I also love our street with so many friendly neighbors and families out in their yards together. I might not be the typical Scottsboro resident but who is “typical”? Our friends accept me as I am which makes me feel right at home.

I’ve learned that even though Scottsboro is small and rural it has some great things to offer. I still am longing for better restaurants, a nice grocery store, and a Chick-fil-A. I would also love to see a higher value placed on cultural items and the arts. But no town is perfect and I truly believe this is where Ben and I are supposed to be. I’m learning to feel at home here and really enjoy what North Alabama has to offer. However, I do still get misty eyed when I go to the library. I suppose that’s how it always is: the good with the bad. I worry that my children won’t have the same experiences I did, but I’m learning that’s ok, they’ll have their own…maybe Chattanooga has the magical library I’m longing for and it’s only a day trip away.