Sunday, July 24, 2011

"In You I find my rest/ In You I find my death/ In You I find my all and my emptiness/ Somehow it all makes sense"

My posts have been few and far between lately. Have I been cleaning and dusting fans like I should? NOPE. Have I taken up a regular exercise routine? HAHAHA. Have I been cooking delectable and nutritious meals? NADA. Have I been teaching Charlotte her ABC's? WRONG ANSWER. Have I been spending way too much time crafting and littering every surface with fabric bits and burning my fingers on a hot glue gun? DING DING DING CORRECT ANSWER.

Yep, that is where every spare moment has been spent. I started off doing some crafting for Charlotte's birthday party, and then my need for art took over. Yes, the room is an utter mess, but I have to say that it has been wonderful to feed my creative side; even if the products leave something to be desired. I've got pictures of a few of the projects and will try to post more this week. However, her b-day crafts I'm saving for a special post after the event. Thinking about it makes me go all misty eyed, where does the time go?


Can you tell I like bows?!

Hair Accessories:


And just for fun: Clapping


Charlotte is a clapping fiend these days. It's her response to just about everything. We keep on trying to teach her to wave bye-bye, but Sha-Sha prefers to clap instead. Charlotte also claps heartily before and during a meal. Can't blame her, there have been times when I've wanted to do the same; especially after brownies and ice cream.


We have done more than craft these past two weeks. We had an absolutely wonderful visit from two of my lifelong best buds, Claire Park and Meghan Patton. It was another one of those days where we had such a good time that I completely forgot about the camera. With true friends, I love how you cannot see each other for ages, but when you reunite it is like no time has passed. I'm trying to talk them into moving from Atlanta to Scottsboro. I mean what does Atlanta have that Scottsboro doesn't? :) Claire and Meghan, if you are reading this: you have always made and continually make my life more full of joy by your friendship!

Visits continued with a quick trip to Birmingham to fellowship with grands, great-grands, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Then it was back to the Boro with Chicha, Aunt Dana, and cousin Lia in tow. I love that these girls are growing up together.


As always it was wonderful to have a day filled with girls!


Charlotte and I also had the pleasure of visiting with our newest friend, Abigail Barber. She is perfect in every way and I am DYING to take more pictures of this precious baby.


Her mother, Ann, amazes me with her wisdom, energy and peaceful demeanour. And she ROCKS as a friend!


In other news: I can finally wrangle Charlotte's hair into tiny pigtails. She was more interested in the camera than her glamour shot.


Puppy time is also part of the daily schedule.


Often, when I look at Charlotte I think she looks so much like Mary, Ben's mother. Yet she is still a mini-me of her Daddy.


Patching continues as part of the daily routine.


I will be calling Charlotte's Opthomaligist tomorrow to tell him how I think she is progressing. Unfortunately, I don't think she is getting much better. There were a few days where I thought she might be improving; however, the last few days have changed my mind. I would love your continued prayers in this regard and for wisdom on the next course of action.


I had planned on writing this blog earlier today; however, an overwhelming need for a nap kept me at bay. Does anyone else think that sheets feel especially good in the afternoon?? Maybe it's because a nap is a luxury where going to bed at night is routine. Naps are a luxury I don't frequently indulge in because: one, I have a very hard time falling asleep, and two, I normally have a list a mile long of other things I need or would rather do.

Yet today rest beckoned, and I conceded. As I lay under covers that felt mysteriously softer than at night, I thought of my growing up years. Sundays were always and continue to be a day of rest in my parent's home. We go to church, come home and eat a delicious meal around the dining room table, discuss the sermon along with politics, weekly events, and other subjects. But then words began to die out and everyone drifts to different sofas, beds, and recliners to find rest. Even when we were little kids, my parents enforced a rest time rule. We could play, but it had to be quietly in our rooms.

I lay in bed today not falling asleep but resting. I thought about God's call to rest on Sunday. Rest is highly undervalued in a society that places all it's stock in what one can accomplish. Thinking of God's call to rest reminded me that my to-do list is not the end all be all. I need to find time to rest, to restore my body, to renew my mind, and quietly listen to God's voice.

Charlotte quickly fell asleep in the crook of Ben's arm. I listened to her quiet murmurs harmonizing with Ben's deep breathing. I cuddle up to her and sunk into the smell of all things familiar. I touched her tiny hands, and my heart was full of love for these two people that lay sleeping beside me. I am blessed beyond measure.


I take many pictures, but they can not capture every moment of love and happiness. There are moments like our family nap today that are beyond the realm of a camera. I told myself to remember this. Esther, remember how small she is cuddled up to her father. Remember the smell of sheets, Ben's deodorant, and Charlotte's no tangle spray. Esther, remember her small hands lying on her daddy's chest. Remember the warmth coming from the sun drifting through the window and the tiny toes brushing your legs. Remember the soft nursing sounds she makes in her sleep and how tenderly Ben's arm is wrapped around her. Esther, remember the joy and peace of this moment. Savor it. When life gets chaotic and trials come, remember moments like this. Remember all that your Heavenly Father has given you and find peace.


Kristen said...

This is a beautiful post! Can I have the pattern for the little dresses you've made? I'd love to make one for Ella!

Athalia said...

It's good to hear the news - And glad you spent the week tapping into your artistic side. My favorites were the headband and the soft blue hair-flower. Thanks for sharing the lovely thoughts. Lifted!

Ann said...

You're too sweet! And talented, and you rock as a friend as well. Ellie and I both enjoyed this post and all the beautiful pictures. We love the flower hairbows you made and I have eaten a TON of zucchini(sp?) bread already.

And yes, the sheets and bed always feel better in the afternoon!

Henry said...

This is one of my favorite posts. Although I am severely lacking in the artistic department, I can certainly appreciate the need to slow down from the rapid pace of life and partake in our favorite activities.

I really liked reading about your memories of Mom and Dad's on Sundays. To this day the routine hasn't changed, and I would most like to carry on this tradition with my family.

Miss you, Ben, and Charlotte like crazy...can't wait to see y'all soon!

Meghan said...

"If" we read this! Psssh! You know I read every post!! haha I love keeping up with your family. We had SO much fun visiting you and Char. I brought my camera too, and not once did I snap a shot. Shame on me! I was having too much fun to bother with it!

Thank you for making the time for us to come visit you both. I wish y'all were closer. How about moving our way...? =) I happen to know we have lots of Targets, fabric stores, and other goodies you would love. =)

I recognize those hair pieces from tutorials on Pinterest! Good for you for actually making them. I've been waiting to do anything like that until I know if I'm having a boy or a girl. This wait is killing me. Your dresses are so sweet too. Charlotte is a lucky girl to have such a gifted mama.

By the way, I remember those quiet times at your house. Seems like your daddy was always having to come into your room and get onto us for our idea of "quiet" play while he was trying to nap. hahaha Poor Dr. Norris. I have a feeling our own kids will pay us back for that in a few years.

Can't wait to see you all again! And to see the crafts done for her bday!! =) love you and your sweet family!

Dana said...

What an awesome post, Esther! If ever you find time, you would have one of the coolest Etsy shops out there! :) Love the bright pink dress, headbands and flower bows, especially! We had fun visiting, as well! I hope our girls will be good for and to each other (maybe we'll find out in Canada, haha!). Also, it is so inspiring to hear the Holy Spirit speaking through you in your last paragraph. I went back and read it a few times. What a gift from above to not only have that special time, but to also receive the quietness of spirit to appreciate it for what it is, a blessing! As always, thanks for your time and efforts to write all of this down! See you soon!!! :) Love y'all!