Friday, June 24, 2011

What's a pirates favorite pattern?


June continues its chaotic schedule and has me rubbing my eyes this morning and doubling how much coffee I will make. Yet, we did get a weekend at home which was lovely. You are probably thinking I took time to get much accomplished in terms of house cleaning and yard work, since I am always complaining about their sorry state...WRONG. The weekend was spent lounging with my husband and playing with my baby.


My creative self has been starving lately, therefore, I did satiate it with time spent working on Charlotte's baby book and upcoming birthday party. If cleaning toilets were as fun as glitter, construction paper, and glue, our bathrooms would be spotless.


Monday, we road down to Birmingham early so that we could visit with family and take Charlotte for her first dip in a pool. These last few weeks have been crazy, but I'd do it over and over again for my family. They are amazing, and I'd love to talk any and all of them into relocating to our booming metropolis. We laughed with cousins and were entertained as Charlotte acquainted herself with the swimming pool. My aunt and uncle had us over for a scrumptious dinner where I devoured more corn drenched in butter than I should have.

Tuesday morning, Charlotte, my mom, and I headed over to our ophthalmologist. I had already shed my tears over the possibility of a patch and girded myself for what might come. Dr. Metz was superb and after testing Charlotte's eyes, he did see crossing. The plan is for me to patch her eyes for three hours everyday, alternating which eye. After a month I am to call Dr.Metz and tell him how Charlotte is progressing. If the patch is not helping, then the next step is surgery. Dr. Metz informed me that I could make Charlotte's patch since she has latex precautions.

My old Singer finally gave up the go a few weeks ago. My mother decided the best plan of action was to locate a new sewing machine. THANK YOU MOM!!! We did eventually find one and had a ball along the way. I now have more projects in my head than I will ever have time to accomplish. But first on the list was a patch!


I made it with soft cotton and lace. Charlotte ROCKED it!


I made it convex to allow for blinking. Well, Charlotte's beautiful eyelashes still rubbed on the patch causing irritation. So, my homemade patch was a no-go. After much internet research, I discovered some adhesive patches without latex. They also hold the eye closed which can be less bothersome to a child. Baby girl can rock anything!


She screamed bloody murder taking it off, and it did leave her slightly red. But the redness died down quickly, so we are going to try them again today. She is a trooper, my girl. Charlotte quietly forges on through anything that comes her way. I think there is some inner steel in her. And baby girl can wear anything and look good!!!!


For now, we have a lovely pirate rolling around the floor for a few hours everyday. We are praying this solves the problem, and no surgery will be needed.


Yet, if it is needed, I have confidence that my baby girl will forge through with all the childhood vigor that astounds us as parents. And I am confident that my God will strengthen me with all the grace and mercy which astounds me as a sinner.



Dana said...

Esther, You are right... she looks adorable in ANYTHING!!! I'm so sad that the homemade patch didn't work out. I was thinking you could sell them on Etsy - SO CUTE!!!! We'll keep praying that no surgery is needed. She is looking more and more like Mary every time I see pictures! And it is so awesome to see her having fun on the floor! Is she taking to tummy time better these days? By the way, if you took a close up of my wood floors like that you'd have to Photoshop out all the junk on them! Yours are spotless... even without housework last weekend! Way to go! :) Glad you enjoyed your time at home. Wish we could see you guys again before Ahmic... but when you think of it like that it seems that vacation isn't too far away after all!!! Yippee skipee!

Kristen said...

It's such a blessing to see what a beautiful little girl Charlotte is growing into. She really could win the Miss Baby America pageant in a potato sack!!!

Elizabeth said...

Have to say I love this post!! I want you to take pictures of Abigail when she gets here. Abigail and Charlotte together. I too was loving the patch that you made. I agree with Dana about Etsy. I love every one of those pictures.

I, too, think that Charlotte has inner steel. I think it must be a combo your family, Ben's family.... and God's grace putting it all together, of course.

Ann said...

GREAT post! If it is possible that she can get any cuter, the patch and the brace make her even cuter. I'm sure they bother her, but in the pictures she looks so "go with the flow" about it. Sorry I didn't ask more questions yesterday. I felt distracted with kids and everything. I'm sure I always seem that way. Anyway, very excited that you got a new sewing machine. I'm sure you're super excited!

I will come by and get that stuff very soon...

Denise said...

You are so right....that sweet girl always looks great! However, I also really like the lace patch you made and think it would look awesome over the other one if you wanted to try it. You might just start a second income with that idea. Loved all the pics, that girl has so much personality. She is truly a special little blessing! Always brings a smile to my face!

Meghan said...

Only you could make a patch that stinking cute. I love it. You are such a great mama. And Charlotte is such a beauty! Loved looking at all your pics!

Chicha/Francie said...

May I borrow Charlottle's lovely eye patch? While working in the yard yesterday, a stick sort of slapped my eyeball just outside of the pupil. It did not hurt particularly but just ached. I decided I better look and see what I had done to myself. One look in the mirror and I was out the door to get Dad (aka Norris) to look at it. Essentially I created a bruise under the layer of skin that is aroud the eyeball. I now have a spooky looking, gelatinous collection of blood in my right eye, just to the right of my pupil. So Charlotte, mind if we share that lovely patch!?!

Susan B. said...

I loved visiting with y'all yesterday. That was special! Thanks for coming to Becky's wedding. Baby Charlotte is sooo cute. She is a live doll baby! Sooo, sooo precious! You are so blessed! Praise the Lord for families!

mimi said...

Esther and Ben, your little girl stole my heart away again last weekend. Its strange, I felt such a connection to her and I've only seen her twice. The pics you post of her are great, but doesn't compare to the real "thing". Loved seeing you all again.