Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Oh, girls, just wanna have fun"

I had really BIG plans for this post. Monday, I had a fabulous girls day with my mother and a girls crew from Birmingham that included: Kathy, Aunt Donna and Granny. It was a wonderful excuse to polish the silver, get out the fine china, and cut flowers from the garden.


And, of course, I had to make girlie food like chicken salad and zucchini bread.


I thought it would make a wonderful blog post to capture all the women chatting and enjoying the day. Alas, all I have are a few before pictures.


You know you are having a grand time when you have your camera out, but are enjoying yourself so much that you forget to take pictures. I wish I could fully explain how wonderful the day was. It can sometimes be a little lonely as a stay-at-home mom. Therefore, all the company was delightful.

My guest arrived a little after 11am, and we visited for a good while before sitting down to dine on my meager attempts at a nice luncheon. After polishing off cookies we decided to head to Unique Treasures, my all time favorite store in Scottsboro. It was a blast to scourer through the antiques, and I think almost everyone found a little something. After our perusing, we made our way to Huntsville. I had the privilege of driving Granny and visiting with her one on one. It was a lovely ride, though Charlotte did wake from a nap upset. I sang her a lullaby and felt sorry that Granny had to suffer through my off key tune. We arrived at the Greenery (my favorite store in Huntsville) and immediately headed for the indoor section to cool off. Many treasures were found, and we all decided that if we were made of money we would have bought every object they had. We finished our outing with a pit stop at McDonald's for cooling ice cream treats. And much to my chagrin, the girls had to head home. I am VERY MUCH hoping that they all decide to make the trek back again in the not too distant future. If you lovely ladies are reading this, you all provided me with an unforgettable day, and I would love to have you again soon.


In other news, Charlotte has really been a trooper with her patching. It is a fight to put it on and painful to take it off, yet in the three hours interim she does fabulous. I think this is a good age because once applied; she has no clue how to remove it and so goes on about her play. I can only imagine that a toddler is much more of a struggle. I am hoping that the patching does its work before this turns into a full on fit pitching affair.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my homemade patch. I too, thought it was more fun, yet I have got to do what works best. But this patch is pretty boring right?


So, I've decided to make things a little more interesting.


No, it is not nearly so beautiful as Charlotte real eyes, but I think it's pretty funny. Many times my options seem like either laugh or cry, and I trying to choose laugh as much as possible!



Just for fun:


It is not easy to braid the moving, bobbing, swaying head of a baby. But I love doing it...and Charlotte loves pulling it all out :)

Did I mention Baby Girl is starting to get an attitude?? I know, it was only a matter of time. She throws a fit if I hesitate for one moment feeding her zucchini bread, her new favorite. And you'd think I'd pinched her if I don't give her the object she wants. I'm really not ready for the discipline stage. However, I know full well that it is in her best interest. Spoiled is an unattractive quality on even the cutest child. I am praying for wisdom on how to handle this new coming stage and for patience (not one of my strengths).

Yet, 99 percent of the time she is my ray of sunshine. Actually, make that 100 percent of the time!



Dana said...

- The awesome quality of the china teacups photo!!
- The hilarious (and very realistic looking) drawing on the patch! What a good idea! You could make one winking, too! ;)
- The last photo of you and Char. I think that is probably the most beautiful picture of you that I have ever seen... which is saying something! Gorgeous!

I still want to see pictures of the garden! Happy 10 Months Cha-Shy!!!!

Emily said...


I absolutely LOVE looking through all the pictures of Charlotte and reading your blog. That eye patch drawing is the funniest/cutest thing ever! I also recognized a certain cake plate in there! That makes me so happy that you like it and that you use it! I showed my mom your flowers, too. She was impressed. I agree with Dana on the last pic of you and Charlotte...SOO gorgeous! You both get prettier by the day.
Love you and miss you lots!

Esther Bratton said...

Dana, you are too sweet. It's funny you should mention the winking cause I've already made one like that among several. And I will try to take some pics of the garden soon though it's a bit overgrown at the moment.

Emily, do you think you could move to Scottsboro?! I LOVE my cake plate. I have several but it is the one I always pull out. I can't wait to put Charlotte's B-day cake on it!!! Well, my flowers are pretty meager compared to your mother's wonderful creations but I have fun with it. Ben has been bidding a few jobs in NYC and I keep praying he gets one so we can visit! Love ya