Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching Up

I’m going to start off by saying this blog might make absolutely no sense. I’m running off fumes. Someone who is perfectly capable of sleeping through the night woke me up MANY times. However, I’m going to forgive her, because she did allow me to get a ton done yesterday…guess cleaning the house cost one night’s sleep…might not clean the house again anytime soon J

I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged. Every time I’ve sat down at the computer I’ve either been too tired or felt like I’ve had nothing to say. But now that we are nearing the two week mark, I felt I must catch friends and family up. We’ve had an enjoyable past couple of weeks: girl’s weekend in Covington (grand except for the most miserable car ride I’ve ever experienced, which consisted of 4 straight hours of crying), cooking new dishes including scrumptious Coq Au Vin, many fun birthday parties (Lottie and Andrew), and a few sunny days.

Charlotte is 5 going on 6 months, and she, for the most part, is a blast! I feel like 4 going on 5 months was a bit tough. She was super clingy, fussy if not held, woke up often during the night, and refused to nap. She still wakes up a good bit during the night and only takes cat naps, but she is more amiable and is starting to really enjoy playing with her toys. And the laughter makes my heart skip a bit. The other night I was tossing cheese at Lilly and Charlotte started cracking up. It was great! I love to make her laugh, but it is so much fun to see her laugh at something on her own. Charlotte is really starting to notice the world around her, and it’s a joy to watch. Watching your own child discover the world reminds you of how creative our God truly is. I thank Ben often for letting me stay at home, because I would not want to miss a minute of this.

Charlotte also enjoys reading time. I think she really just likes to watch the pages turn and see the pictures, but I read to her as long as she will let me. I want her to be a reader…as opposed to a watcher of TV. I do way too much watching at night and know that’s going to have to change when she starts to notice the TV. She has looked at it a few seconds, but still has no real interest in it, which I am extremely happy about. Normally at night I let her fall asleep in my arms while Ben and I watch a show (many times “The Office”). I know it sounds crazy, but she seems to like falling asleep to background noise. I know it’s a bad habit, but it makes for a very nice end to an often long day. I’m praying she won’t notice the TV for another 2 years. I doubt that will happen, so I’m sure our night time routine will be changing soon.

Now the cell phone is a completely different story! She is mesmerized by it…which tells you I am on it WAY too often J I typically do not buy her toys because it doesn’t take but one to entertain her; yet I did break down and buy Charlotte a toy phone the other day. I was honestly hoping it would help with car trips. Charlotte enjoys it, but I don’t think it holds a candle to my phone. Plus she is such an observer, she would almost rather watch me play with her toys than play with them herself. In fact, as we speak Charlotte is on my lap happy as a clam watching my fingers move all over the keyboard!

We get a huge treat today. My mom (ChiCha) is coming for an overnight visit. Both of us are excited and even baked cookies in honor of her coming. I just wish the visit was longer and that my dad was coming as well. However, they are both coming for a weekend at the end of February. And in two weekends Henry, Dana, and Lia are coming for a visit!!!! I’m thrilled because I thought I wouldn’t see them till March and hated to think how grown up Lia would be by then. These two girls are changing at rapid speeds, and sometimes I just want to push the pause button. I can’t do that, so I’m trying to treasure each moment!

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon. I’m hoping I can get a little more work done on my house and I’m praying that God will use my time whether is be cleaning or nursing to glorify Him. I’m praying that He give me a patient spirit in the midst of fatigue and that He help me to seek Him in the quiet moments of the day.


Dana said...

We enjoyed girls weekend, too! It was so neat to see Charlotte trying to turn the pages of the books! Lia will flat out stare at the TV if we let her... so scary! We are making some changes as a result. Can't wait 'til our next visit, and I know your mom is SUPER excited about today! :) We'll be praying for a restful day/evening for you guys!

Kristen said...

I can't believe that I still haven't gotten to meet that precious little girl!! Hopefully I will get to see her before she gets much bigger.