Monday, November 15, 2010

"I dig it when your fancy dressed up in lace/ I dig it when you've got a smile on your face"

Saturday November 13

Well, Part TWO is coming much later than I anticipated. As you can surmise, the week has gotten away from me…as usual. Last blog I filled you in on Charlotte’s current medical prognosis. But for today I’d like to forget for a moment about Charlotte’s medical issues and discuss just normal life.

I know I mentioned that I was going to Covington for awhile, it ended up being for about a week. It was wonderful to be home, to laugh with my family, to let my dad hog Charlotte, to talk babies with my sister-in-law, to have SO MUCH help from my mom, and to be surrounded by an abundance of love and fellowship. The highlights of the trip were Saturday night football, delicious meals by my mom, and a delightful photo session with my friend Meghan. Meghan is an excellent photographer, and I had asked her if she wouldn’t mind doing some photos with Charlotte and me. It was so much fun. I actually took a shower AND dried my hair AND put on make-up…amazing I know. And I think I managed to find some clothes without spit-up or poop on them….for Charlotte and for me :) We had a ball hanging out and taking pictures. The first result is posted here:\ on her blog. I love the picture but please ignore all her compliments about me.

It was hard to head home, but I was excited to get back to my husband. First we stopped in Birmingham for one last doctor’s appointment and to have an impromptu Seibels girls get together. I had SUCH a blast visiting with all my cousins. Margaret, I LOVED hearing the wedding details. You look stunning in the dress but of course you would look stunning in any dress. I just hope Barnes knows what a lucky man he is!!! I’ve counted, and we had a total of 14 girls in the house at one time. Did I mention that the Seibels can only produce girls…really great looking girls J It was so much fun. The next morning we headed to Children’s and then back to Scottsboro.

Charlotte was able to hang out with more family on Sunday. We took a day trip to Murfreesboro with Mike and Mary. First we had a delicious lunch with Mimi, Dada, and Aunt Susan. Charlotte really took a liking to Mimi, but who wouldn’t?! Next we headed to visit Freda which was great, but Becky and Carly were dearly missed. And finally we had a quick visit with KayKay, Bob, Donny and Shelia. Then we hit the road because Charlotte was getting pretty fussy. I feel extremely blessed that my sweet little girl is surrounded by a loving family.

Monday, Ben accompanied Charlotte and me to the Pediatrician for her first round of shots which she handled pretty well. Then we headed to Earth Fare. You know, things have changed when a grocery store gets you more excited than a mall! I love that store though. It makes me feel good. All the fresh, organic foods with nothing over processed or pumped with who knows what. They have so many delicious foods and options that I would NEVER find in Scottsboro. Let’s get real here; I can’t even get organic apples in Scottsboro much less quinoa or Turkish lentils. I stocked up on apples since my parents filled me in on the fact that they are one of the worst for pesticides. I also got organic eggs: say no to hormones. And I even found organic Beef and Turkey jerky which is not only delicious but a great source of the protein I dearly need. Our cart filled up rather quickly. I could have spent hours in there, but after being extremely good Charlotte began to fuss, so we decided to hit the road. I love Earth Fare till I get to the check out line and see the damage I have done to our bank account with my healthy fare. Why does healthy food have to cost an arm and a leg?!!! Here is the really crazy thing though: these days I’d rather buy organic chicken than new shoes!!!!! What is wrong with me….I guess I’m really a mom now. Anywho, it was a fun trip and I’m glad Charlotte’s first venture into a grocery store was one filled with healthy foods.

I’ve gotten all this healthy food but I know my body needs an all around healthy lifestyle, so it is my goal to start exercising again this coming Monday. I hate to begin exercising; there are so many ways to put it off. But I know if I just get off my duff and do it I will feel worlds better. Plus, my every waking (and some times sleeping) moment revolves around Charlotte. I am thinking it might be good to have 30 minutes that are spent on something else. So my plan is to feed Charlotte in the morning, hopefully around 6am or so, hand her off to Ben, and hit the treadmill and not look back until my 30-45min are done. I’ve also been thinking it might be nice to take the yoga class at Shacky’s once a week. Any encouragement or advice on working out while breastfeeding would be greatly appreciated.

Today, Ben is off to watch Auburn play Georgia and I’m here at the house with a baby who has FINALLY gone to sleep…hoping it will last longer than 30min. If she is doing OK we are going walk over to the Rhodes house to watch the game and hang out with Elizabeth, Ann, and the kids. I can’t wait. Being a mom can be very isolating and girl time seems like sheer bliss right now.

………….Geez, she just started crying again………………….

Monday November 15

Well I didn’t want to post the above without telling you the best news of the week and I haven’t had time to do it till now. My brother Henry and sister-in-law Dana gave birth to a beautiful baby girl name Amelia Estes Little. She is going to be called Lia which I think already fits her. She is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to meet her!! Really, I have debated driving down to Covington a few times already. Becoming an Aunt and a Mom all in one year is a pretty fabulous thing. We are headed down to Covington for Thanksgiving so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer before I get to meet wonderful Lia. I’m SO excited that Charlotte already has a friend. Lia is sure to be one special girl because she has two very special parents whom I love dearly. CONGRATULATIONS HENRY AND DANA!!!!!! GIVE LIA LOTS OF KISSES FROM HER FAMILY IN THE BORO!!!!!


Meghan said...

So funny that you posted this today because you are getting another feature on the blog tomorrow! Don't miss it!! =)

Meghan said...

OH and you are nuts. No one NEEDS me to tell them those compliments about you-they can see it for themselves! ;)

Henry said...

Lia is UBER-excited to meet you, Ben, and Charlotte. In fact, she told me today (through baby-speak of course) that getting to meet you guys and Will is going to be the highlight of her holidays!!

Dana said...

It was a ton of fun hanging out while you girls were in town!

So far this week, I have learned...

1. It is hard to remember to eat. Never thought I'd have a problem with that!
2. It is hard to nap... like I said I would do while the baby is sleeping.
3. Accomplishing both hair and makeup in the same day is a rare feat.
4. Finishing any one particular task is difficult, no matter what it is.
5. Pain medication doesn't help with organizational skills or effective time management.
6. God's grace and strength are sufficient for any and all tasks that He requires of us.

Can't wait to see you all soon! And introduce our DAUGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)