Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Holding back the flood, just don't do no good. And you can't unclench your teeth to howl the way you should. So you curl your lips around the taste of tears"

I am writing this because I know so many of you have been such great prayer warriors for our family. And we could use some prayers right now.

Charlotte is doing well but last night our dog Lilly bit Charlotte in the face. I will admit that I panic because there was so much blood. We took Charlotte to the emergency room. There was a fairly deep gash on the bridge of her nose near her left eye that we thought would need stitches. There were two more, smaller teeth marks under her eye and both lips were punctured. Fortunately, they were able to use glue instead of stitches since the skin is looser in this area. Charlotte was an amazing trooper during the whole affair.

At the time it happened I could have killed our dog I was so angry and horrified. Charlotte is extremely gentle natured and did nothing to insight this. They were both at my feet and I was opening the refrigerator. The only guess I have is that Lilly was thinking about food. But she lunged at Charlotte before I could do anything.

I knew and have not questioned for a moment that Lilly would have to go but it has been more painful than I would have guessed. Since Margaret’s birth Lilly has often seemed like a nuance at times, barking and waking the girls up, rolling in stinking stuff, and peeing on the floor. Yet, I still love that dog and Ben loves her more than ever. Charlotte was starting to have so much fun playing with Lilly. I don’t think she even realizes what Lilly did and has continued to ask for her today.

Lilly was our baby before we had any. I have loved dogs my whole life and begged Ben for one when we got married. He caved and I went to the pound and picked her out myself. She is an actively dog but sweet as well. She was a constant in years that have changed so much. And as anyone who owns a dog knows, dogs love you no matter what, without judgment.

She loved Ben and me. I think the problem is that she loved and was loyal to Ben and me but had no loyalties to our children. We were afraid she would have to go to the pound but a young couple agreed to take her.

I look at Charlotte’s face and still am horrified by the ordeal but then I see all the places were Lilly would have been and cry. My eyes are nearly swollen shut from all the tears I have shed today.  Charlotte continues to ask and look for Lilly, too young to understand it all.

We would so appreciate your prayers right now. We ask that God would give us comfort amidst the pain. This has been a very trying summer and the trails seem continuous. Lilly having to leave our home is just one of a few pains this summer has offer up. She is just a dog but she will be dearly missed.



Dana said...

I'm so glad a young couple agreed to take her. We can't imagine the heartache of this trial among all the others, but you did the right thing. We will be praying for quick healing for Charlotte and peace and rest for you all. :(

Susan B. said...

Hey Ess and Ben: I know it was a hard choice to give Lilly up but it was the right one. Y'all are wonderful parents and doing a very good job of raising your sweeties! I'm praying for peace and for a speedy recovery for Charlotte. Hang in there, Babies! It will get better and life will become more peaceful and fun! Love ya!

Meghan said...

Oh no!!! That breaks my heart. I know you did what you had to do, but that doesn't make it any easier. We are working with a trainer because BOTH of our dogs are skittish around kids, and it does make me nervous, but like you said, they have been our babies since before we had a baby. I can't imagine life without them, and even thinking about that makes my heart fall to pieces. So I can imagine the pain your are in right now.

I am so glad that a couple you know was willing to take her. Lilly is such a sweet dog. I'm so, so sorry for you and your family.

Praying for Charlotte's face to heal well, and for y'all to adjust to a home without Lilly and for Lilly to adjust well to her new home. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Esther, as you said, you and Ben have been through a lot and of course this incident broke my heart, but this too will pass and life moves on. Just another reminder that God is still in control and He loves us. Of course your precious family will always be in our prayers.Mimi and Dada

Kristen said...

I'm so sorry to hear that this happened! We had to give away our dog, too, when Ella was a year and a half old because we were afraid that he might do something like this. It was hard, but you did the right thing.