Friday, December 3, 2010

Shuttering with Excitment

For three years I have made the claim that I would do a Christmas card. For three years I have failed miserably; but things are about to change. With the birth of Charlotte I knew that I had to start the Christmas card tradition. My mom has always done a Christmas card and saved them so we could look back at the changes. I want to do the same thing because I know I’ll be amazed at how fast she grows up…and probably a little horrified at how quickly I age!! So Christmas cards are a must this year. Yet, with the birth of Charlotte I have to be more budget conscious than ever. Thus, starts the search for a cute but wallet friendly card.

If you are on the same path, look no further; Shutterfly meets all of the above requirements. They have a plethora of wonderful photo cards at great prices. I wanted to do several shots with Charlotte in different outfits (because she’s so darn cute) and they have many that work. The hard part will be actually making a decision!

I really love the following because it's modern but cute and I love birds.
The next one is a bit more traditional which I like and I love the intial.

Decisions, decisions.

The other thing I noticed while I was perusing the Christmas cards on Shutterfly was the birthday invitations. I know, we’ve got a ways to go before Charlotte’s first birthday, but I am already excited about it. Plus the options at Shutterfly are endless. I’m thinking it might be cute to have her in a tutu on the front.

Before I forget, I must mention the perfect grandparent gift. At Shutterfly you can place pictures on mugs. My parents and in-laws are big coffee drinkers and I know they would love looking at their adorable grand’s every time they take a sip.

I hope you have good luck finding your own holiday cards this year, and be sure to check out Shutterfly for their great selection. While you are at it be sure to check out their blog promotion which I am participating in!

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Ann said...

WOO-HOO for free cards and a big ol' WAR EAGLE! We miss you guys.