Thursday, December 17, 2009

So I quit writing in my blog but after months/years away and a little encouragement from others I thought I’d pick right back up. I’d like to start with a few quick updates. We are now in Scottsboro which I enjoy though I do reminisce about Publix and Target quite a bit. I’m currently staying at home tending the house while Ben works his tail end off at Tennessee River Steel.

Friends and family I’m in a bit of shock that it’s almost Christmas. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS YEAR?!! It was a crazy year for both Ben and me with moving, work, and all the things that life throws our way. But, by the grace of God, we made it through. I was just discussing with my wonderful mother that when you are young it seems like you have a choice between a hard thing and an easy thing. Yet now it seems my choices are often between something hard and harder. Life never ceases to throw more at us each year. But God is sovereign and He is good. He knows I need those hard things thrown my way so that I will cling more fervently to Him. Sad to say but true. My mind often clings to things that will quickly pass but the cross bids me come and die.

That dying can be utterly painfully but I’m finding the joy of living in Christ to far exceed the momentary pain. Isn’t our God kind?! That in the midst of trials (most of which I bring on myself) He can provide peace and joy. I get work up about a plethora of things…most of which aren’t worth the effort. But God comes to my aid when I feel I can’t take one more thing. He might not take my trial away but the Holy Spirit leads me to look beyond, to Him. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very self centered person. Anyone who knows me can attest to that. :) Many times I don’t want to go to God with my trails because I resent what He will ask of me. I kick and kick for days, weeks, months to avoid what I know is required. However, when my fighting has ceased and I finally run to our awesome God, He is there with love, rebuke and GRACE!! He doesn’t give up on me.

Totally off subject but I also wanted to tell y’all that I caved. Ben has been drooling over motorcycles for awhile now and I gave him the go ahead. Now I’m sure many of you think I’m utterly insane. My parents have known that for years. And you are going to think I’m really crazy when I say: I think it might be fun. Me on the back of a motorcycle seems pretty humorous but what the heck. Actually he has already taken me for a spin. It was around 9pm Tuesday. It was cold so I threw sweat pants (that have gaping holes in them) on over my pjs. I also donned my crocs over my fuzzy house socks. I told Ben we mustn’t run into anyone. I mean what were the odds?!! We only know half the people on our street!! We zipped along in the frigid air and ran into Scott Parr. Sweet Scott laughed his head off and TOOK A PICTURE OF ME. Sweet, sweet Scott, I shall get my revenge.

All that to say Ben and I are now the proud owners of a motorcycle. You probably wonder if I am in fear for his life. I do worry a bit but Ben is responsible, smart, and an insanely wonderful husband. A motorcycle might not be the safest hobby but in my book he could make a worse decision. I also have to say that it makes my heart leap seeing him so thrilled and excited about something. And biker babe just has a nice ring to it doesn’t it!!!


Henry said...

About time you started blogging again!! So if you get some free time, you should read my blog too!

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness, a biker babe? I LOVE it!!!!

Dana said...

I wish I would've known before I went Christmas shopping... totally would've gotten you and Ben matching leather tube tops.